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Basically I want to loop all the video files present on the sd-card automatically at startup. Something like Actually that script doesn't work, it passes a list of files to play, then immediately loops around and adds it again, and again and again... But the idea should work with some tweaking I think.

I have googled my ass off and followed several guides to try to set it up but all appears to be out of date and no longer working. The ideal situation would be that the pi is running 24/7 and we're still able to upload video files to the sd-card that automatically gets added to the playlist. Not really, if you have to add management to playlist/directory you'd might as well use the proper method rather then launching a built-in.

Instead, students wanted more room and tools for collaboration and study, such as private areas and white boards.

Ultimately, the school decided to relocate 135,000 books to off-campus storage facilities.

I was against the purchase of this huge flatscreen but nevermind.

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Supports say the plan is long overdue and a step in the direction of finally resolving the expensive environmental crisis at the Salton Sea.

Misfits became the latest EU LCS newcomer with a strong first split, while Fnatic’s new all-EU roster recovered from a slow start for a torrid finish.

With MSI over, the spring season is officially in the books -- but summer is just around the corner. The season starts June 1, which is close enough that G2 is giving two of its starters the first few weeks off and operating with a pair of substitutes.

It has over 700 registered users and averages 7,000 sessions per year.

The direct use of global climate models (GCMs) and statistical downscaling procedures results in a range of values for updating IDF curves that immediately raises the question which one should be used in practice.


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