Dating a man with bipolar disorder

Be informed At the same time however, there are thousands of people with bipolar disorder who are leading normal and healthy lives.

With regular treatment and medications, it is entirely possible to keep the condition in check and if you find that someone with bipolar disorder enriches your life with love and meaning, there is no reason why you should hesitate dating him or her.

The bottomline is that bipolar disorder is a type of mental illness and despite large options in treatment and therapy, a person affected by it will never be able to offer you the kind of emotional and psychological support that a completely healthy partner can.

If you begin dating a patient of bipolar disorder, you are bound to feel that there are three people in the relationship – you, your partner and the disease.

Emotional abuse is not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder.

I’ve worked with many dozens of bipolar clients who were in successful, loving, long-term relationships.

Learning some basic facts about anxiety will help you better understand and support your partner. They are a normal part of being in a relationship, especially a new one.

People with anxiety issues or an anxiety disorder, however, tend to have these anxious thoughts more frequently and more intensely.

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The single and the divorced are more likely to have bipolar disorder when compared to people who are married or never married. It comes from an article posted in 2003 on Psychology

There’s no high school class on dating, much less dating someone with a mental health condition.

Nonetheless, anxiety doesn’t have to break your relationship or put a strain on it to the point where it’s hard to enjoy.

However it is not entirely impossible to date a person with bipolar disorder if you keep certain points in mind.

Be sure of your priorities If you are still not into a relationship with a person having bipolar disorder, consider long and hard if you want to.


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