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If this is the case, then you must address the possibility of replication conflicts.The next few sections introduce the following topics relating to replication conflicts: When you design any type of database application and its supporting database, it is critical that you understand the requirements of the application before you begin to build the database or the application itself.It surely lacks prose but likely you won’t need that anyway. Special thanks to Peter Doomen who inspired me to write this book.You likely might be interested in his book Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks.(EA) offers a wealth of API functions to support automated manipulation of UML models.However, quite a number of tasks require actions not directly supported by the API.So you can assume that your add-ins will run in future versions of EA if you follow a few rules.

Changes: Everything you need to manage change elements inside Enterprise Architect.

, or the lack thereof, is the number one factor blocking the adoption of software as a service (Saa S).

A case could be made that data is the most important asset of any business—data about products, customers, employees, suppliers, and more. Saa S applications provide customers with centralized, network-based access to data with less overhead than is possible when using a locally-installed application.

Defects: Show the defects window, search for verified defects, new defects and unresolved defects.

Search and chart recently reported defects and recently resolved defects.


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