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Let us be generous and assume that every agency has 5 web sites. And each site claims to have women from a different city... They never could and never will be able to catch up with Boris and Victor. It is simple - don't be on defensive side checking restlessly all these instantly outdated scammers black lists.In this case an average of 350,000 Russian brides websites on the Net gives us a staggering number - 70,000 introduction businesses! Would an 18 or 19 year old woman go for a 26 year old American guy?

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Let's leave aside the last ridiculous claim, which is simply offensive to any intelligent person, we'll trash this claim some time later, and just do a simple math's. RU name for your website you basically need only two things - a working e-mail address and money for registration of domain name - just around 20$ all up. So, how many bogus website can crime syndicate register in just 1 day, given it is so simple? They have literally hundreds of websites featuring the same tens of thousands photographs. And that's one of the reasons why any black lists and anti-scam directories out there are virtually useless.In most cases they are just having a good time with their virtual friends there.But if you make serious advances, they will most likely just laugh at you and will block your account.Skip to content I have been hesitant on joining dating sites like Anastasia Date, Elena's Models, and Russian Cupid because I heard some people claim they're scams.Can anyone tell me if they had any luck and if any are legitimate?In terms of our 2015 expertise the top ten Slavic dating sites were reviewed and ranked in accordance to their success rating, popularity, members’ reviews, pricing and other criteria.


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