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Using screenshots from some of my favorite Marilyn movies, I found examples of vintage clothing available to buy online that resembles some of MM’s greatest looks.These are wearable pieces for today that’ll inspire you to channel your inner bombshell beauty with fitted sweaters, showgirl sequins, princess fur, Chelsea collars and more.

Despite her undeniable beauty and her funny roles, she was more than a dumb blonde who so many tried to type cast her as, during her lifetime.She usually took a seat in the back of one of the dingy rooms in the Malin Studios, on 46th Street, smack in the middle of the theater district.When she raised her hand to speak, it was in a tiny wisp of a voice.Miller’s cousin, Morty Miller and his wife, were the witnesses and there was not a solitary pressman or flash camera in sight. A traditional Jewish rite was planned for July 1st at the home of Miller’s agent, Kay Brown, near Katonah, which went ahead although Marilyn was now having severe misgivings and almost refused to go through with it.The wedding rings were inscribed ‘Now is forever’ and the bride was given away by her acting teacher and guru Lee Strasberg.While the Marilyn look is vintage-inspired a la the ’50s and ’60s, her style sass was truly ahead of its time.


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