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As part of the study, the team at the Ramazzini Institute gave 457 male mice and 396 female mice varying amounts of sucralose, The Telegraph reported.

Update (2012/04/18): Sue continues her investigation with a trip to the geology wing.The truth is that stem cells are found in many different organs throughout our bodies, and boosting these stem cells can provide a whole wealth of health benefits.Unfortunately, science hasn’t really been able to figure out how to tap into these existing stem cells. Rand Mc Clain, from the promotional video on this website, says that the ingredients which make up the Vital Stem nutritional supplement have been shown to be an advanced stem cell booster, and is the only anti-aging supplement on the market that can improve your stem cell growth.Update (2012/08/21): Thanks to everyone for supporting a story this long.I know some of the elements could have been a story of their own, but I'm trying for something better than the sum of its parts by bringing those different elements together in later chapters.Researchers in Italy have reported that studies in mice show that sucralose products such as Splenda raised the chance of developing leukaemia.


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