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Most commuters on the North- South Line (NSL) were unfazed when their train journey came to a scheduled stop yesterday for about 10 minutes.At about 11.10pm, the 30 trains in service stopped running to allow for the network to be switched over to an upgraded signalling system. This was the first test of the new communications-based train control system by the Land Transport Authority and train operator SMRT during passenger service hours.Our lecturers have been recognized in Bulgaria and abroad for their achievements.Some of the books they have co-authored are studied even in Harvard University. Our international student body will further enrich your cultural experience.We're also adding new experimental features that enhance Visual Editor (see below). This beta feature makes text more readable, accessible and consistent. Our first features are now available for testing by logged-in users on all wikis worldwide.

(You can find more information about national and international ranking of VUM here.) 2.restart to give the teams additional time for preparation and briefing.We expect everyone joining to play professional and teamwork oriented at all times! makes no sense....beside that the map looks gorgeous.Images are shown in a nicer 'light box' overlay, and can also be viewed in full size. Visual Editor makes it easy to edit pages without having to learn wiki code.Beta Features will include an opt-in version of this tool on sites where it is available but not enabled by default.Please refer to relevant meta topics to learn the rationale behind it.


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